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my authentic self series

Blog I: My Why

A couple evenings ago, a friend of mine sparked a conversation about creativity and ways we express it. I shared how I had a love for writing, especially poems, and how I have even attempted to get into blogging. But quickly I found myself explaining why I haven’t posted anything yet. My excuse was how difficult I found the logistics of blogging, as in ensuring my research is accurate, the grammar and the language make sense, and that it’s an interesting read.

That conversation got me thinking if it really was the logistical aspect of blogging or if it is something deeper holding me back. Because if I am being honest, if it truly was the editing, the use of language, the attractiveness of the blog, I would have just simply hired someone to take care of that.

There is definitely something deeper going on here.

I decided to take the most mindful approach I could to figure this one out. I surrendered to the question and trusted the answer would appear on its own. The following day, as I was listening to my morning podcasts, the idea of being my authentic self kept coming across my mind. A voice inside my head kept whispering on repeat the question of if I am being my authentic self. Over the years, I have learned to trust this little voice- as my intuition, so I knew immediately this was the answer I was looking for last night.

Any time someone comes to my acupuncture clinic, my first intent is to hold space for them so they feel safe enough to become vulnerable and authentic with me and I can with them. This way their healing can be deeper and more thorough. I realized that this connection I create in person is so imperative that I should be doing the same online.

I need to hold that space and create an online environment that is safe and authentic.

The only way for me to do this is to become authentic about myself online, become vulnerable and open with you. So, I have decided that before I get into the world of acupuncture, I am going to take you in to my own world because that is the only way I know how to authentically show you the magic that I see in the power of holistic healing. It’s so important for you to know my why so you can understand my how, my method behind my madness.


My intent with practicing acupuncture was to live a life with meaning, to be able to hold space for others and support them through their journey in a way that I would want to be supported.

Growing up I was really shy and reserved; I would keep to myself and observe everything and everyone thoroughly, this allowed me to develop my ability to feel energy and pick up on vibes that may not be so obvious to others around. And because I was shy and would keep ideas to myself, I became very imaginative in my own little mind, constantly creating scenarios of things that I would want to unfold. Unknowingly, I was practicing energy and the laws of attraction.

I didn’t realize the true capacity of this innate ability until my mid-twenties, when I was at my lowest, most desperate point. The environment around me and my health was deteriorating, and I felt so helpless and anxious of what I had created around me.

I definitely went through the blame game at first. I tired to be angry, but nothing helped. The only sensible and easy thing for me to do at that time was to withdraw and pray for a miracle to happen. That’s when that little voice in my head, the one that would interpret the energy around me, the one that imagined things into reality, began talking again. And this time, it was telling me to heal myself so I can be strong enough to help someone else out of their suffering. To heal myself so I could be strong enough to become that person that I wanted to support me when I was at my lowest.

And my prayers did a cause a miracle. I stumbled upon the world of acupuncture.

I have many more thoughts to share about my journey, and the lessons from my past, but, today, I just wanted to simply share my why.

My authentic self will be a series in which I will be sharing my life experience with my readers, one lesson at a time. In between, I’ll share the power of acupucnture and healing your body holistically.

I hope you join my journey

With love,

Jessica Bugra

p.s. my writing will be authentic as well, so please excuse any of those grammatical errors that I fear♥️

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