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Unravelling Boundaries

Join Amrit Bhullar, a registered clinical counsellor, and Jessica Bugra, a registered acupuncturist, ayurvedic counsellor, and life coach, for a transformative small group coaching workshop series designed to help you reclaim your power, learn to set boundaries, and embrace a life of intentionality.

A four-week series featuring five interactive zoom sessions, weekly meditation practices, and intention-setting exercises delivered right to your mailbox.

Together on this journey of self-discovery, we will:

• Explore the concept of boundaries and their profound impact on our lives.

• Learn effective communication techniques.

• Understand the emotional, mental, and physical signals of our bodies.

• Uncover the roots of our limiting beliefs.

• Discover strategies on how to rewire our brains for empowerment and growth.

• Gain practical tools tailored to your body type, drawing from the wisdom of holistic medicine and neuroscience.

Day 1: Introduction

On the first day, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of boundaries. Through interactive discussions and introspective exercises, we'll help you recognize any limiting beliefs or triggers that may hinder your ability to establish healthy boundaries. This will enable you to identify areas in your life where boundaries are needed, laying the groundwork for setting personalized goals to guide us through the rest of the series.

Date: March 10, 10:00 am

Day 2: Explore types of boundaries

On day two, we'll focus on identifying various types of boundaries, exploring intergenerational trauma, limiting beliefs, and attachment styles that influence our boundary-setting behavior. We'll delve into recognizing our own limiting belief systems and explore methods to release those that no longer serve us. This process will empower us to establish healthier boundaries.

Date: March 14th, 7:30 pm

Day 3: Emotional management

Day 3: Emotional management

On day three, we will discuss our non-negotiables, discover techniques to protect our energy, and recognize the physical, mental, and emotional signals that arise when our boundaries are crossed. We'll also explore how to communicate effectively in accordance with our individual body types. We will discuss self-care practices geared to enhance both our health and mental well-being, enabling us to establish and maintain healthier boundaries effectively.

Date: March 21, 7:30 pm 

Day 4: Clearly Communicate

On day four, our focus shifts to communication techniques for articulating our boundaries effectively. We'll engage in practical exercises to improve our communication skills, sharing dialogue and learning a step-by-step approach to addressing challenging boundaries with others. We'll also explore strategies for creating boundaries that nurture relationships and delve deeper into energy hygiene practices to maintain overall balance and well-being.

March 28th, 7:30 pm

Day 5:Creating an intentional life

The final day of the series will be about coming home to yourself. This session will revolve around you and your aspirations, focusing on the journey toward living with intentionality. We'll explore ways to align your actions with your goals, empowering you to lead a purposeful and intentional life.

Date: April 4th, 7:30 pm

To register for this workshop please email or follow this link and select Unravelling Boundaries. If you would like a payment plan please contact us at

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