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Chair Yoga Workshop 

Join Taylor Lui, a registered Kinesologist, and Jessica Bugra, a registered acupuncturist, ayurvedic counsellor, yoga teacher and life coach, for a transformative Chair Yoga Workshop, on June 01, 2024 at Opex Abbotsford.


Whether you're new to yoga, dealing with mobility issues, or spend long hours at a desk, this workshop is tailored just for you!


Discover easy poses that gently relax both body and mind. Learn holistic lifestyle advice to enhance your well-being beyond the mat, and learn how to manage stress and anxiety associated with pain.


What to expect:

  • Learn simple stretches to alleviate back pain,  neck and shoulder stiffness and improve circulation


  • Discover chair yoga poses for any location


  • Understand which stretches target which muscles


  • Practice somatic check-ins to reduce pain-related anxiety


  • Guided breath work meditation to conclude


  • Holistic lifestyle advice

Workshop schedule:

In person: 

Location: Opex Abbotsford 

Date:  June 01, 2024

Time: 5-7:00 pm

To register for this workshop please email or follow this link and select Chair Yoga Workshop.

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